AKG Y500 Boom Headset

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  • 120 Hz fluid AMOLED Display.
  • RAM-12GB; ROM-256GB
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Processor.
  • 48 MP + 8 MP + 48 MP + 5 MP Rear camera | 16 MP Front camera
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AKG signature sound

AKG is devoted to delivering a sound experience that ignites creative expression. Balance gives you smooth, multidimensional tones, while exceptional detail allows you to feel each layer of sound. When you hear music the way the creators intended, it opens your mind to endless possibilities.

AKG Headphone Y500 AKG Headphone Y500

Ambient Aware technology

Control how much surrounding noise you want to let in with the touch of a button, so you can stay aware of what's around you while immersing yourself in the music.

AKG Headphone Y500 ambient AKG Headphone Y500 ambient
AKG Headphone Y500 play pause

Play and pause automation

When you take off the headphones, they will automatically pause the music. Place them back over your ears, and the music instantly begins again.

AKG Headphone Y500 control

Multifunction on-ear controls

Easily adjust volume and audio levels right from your ear cups, without removing your headphones.

AKG Headphone Y500 control
AKG Headphone Y500 design

Stylish, comfortable design

Featuring aluminum highlights, a soft-touch headband, and memory-foam ear cups, the Y500 is built for both comfort and durability. Subtle designs and a refreshed color palette ensure the headphones look as good as they sound.

AKG Headphone Y500 connection

Seamless connections, one-button control

Multi-Point Connectivity pairs two Bluetooth devices at once and will intuitively switch seamlessly between those devices. And the universal one-button remote cable lets you control both your music and your calls with ease.

AKG Headphone Y500 connection

Long battery life with fast charging

Enjoy up to 33 hours of the music that soundtracks your day. With a quick 5-minute recharge, you can keep the music going for an additional hour.*

AKG Headphone Y500 charging AKG Headphone Y500 charging

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