Conekt Zeal Proton 10000 mAh Power Bank

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  • 120 Hz fluid AMOLED Display.
  • RAM-12GB; ROM-256GB
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Processor.
  • 48 MP + 8 MP + 48 MP + 5 MP Rear camera | 16 MP Front camera
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Enjoy all apps on your mobile devices however long you want without feeling the silent difficulty of low battery on your mind with the new Conekt Zeal Swift Power Bank. It sports a gigantic battery capacity of 10000 mAh along with the ability to fast charge all your mobile devices. At its heart is the Li-Polymer Cell battery type which is placed inside a rugged ABS outer shell. The advanced overvoltage and short circuit protection technology provides quick and efficient charging without compromising on safety. The compact and light-weight design lets you carry it with extraordinary ease wherever you go. The built-in dual input (micro-USB and USB Type-C) and dual output (USB) ports enable you to charge every kind of mobile device that you can find in the world, thus making it compatible with a wide range of phones, tablets, music players and other USB chargeable devices. You will experience the awesomeness that comes when intelligence meets battery technology.


Efficient Battery Technology

The Li-Polymer cell technology implemented in the battery of power bank quickly charges your devices and retains charge within itself for longer duration. So, you need not worry about the discharging of the power bank even when left idle for a long time.


Exact Battery Status Indication

The sleek LED battery status indicators precisely indicate the percentage of charge left in the power bank. Each of the four LEDs represents 25 percent of the battery. This makes you know the battery status with just a gaze.


Unique charge level Indicator

Your device shows a unique Fast Charging symbol after getting charged completely through the power bank. By this indication you can know till what level your device is charged.


Compact and Powerful

The integration of advanced electronic circuits with the high battery capacity created a smart and portable power bank which you can carry anywhere and use for longer duration without any worry of losing charge on your devices.


Conekt Zeal Proton comes in-built with high-efficiency dual input and dual output ports. Dual input (micro-USB and USB Type-C) and dual output (USB and USB) capabilities allow you to charge every kind of mobile device.

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