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  • 120 Hz fluid AMOLED Display.
  • RAM-12GB; ROM-256GB
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Processor.
  • 48 MP + 8 MP + 48 MP + 5 MP Rear camera | 16 MP Front camera
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Premium design
& quality

Elegant & stylish clamshell design Classy matt chrome interior with soft rubberised large keys 2.4” high resolution (240x320) TFT color screen Sophisticated blue colour Distinctive anti skid exterior with a soft comfortable feel World class quality

Easyfone Royale

easy to hear &
hearing aid compatible

Clear & loud sound for comfortable conversations. Extremely loud ringtones Hearing aid compatibility rating of M4/T4, the highest possible. Allows users to be closer to the mike while talking versus conventional phones

Auto callback feature

Anxious that your phone is not getting picked up by your elderly parent?

By sending a command from an authorised phone to your beloved's easyfone, Elite will call you back automatically on speaker mode

Easyfone Royale touch

CareTouch – Configure phone remotely

A first in India, this powerful service lets you configure your parents phone remotely from anywhere in the world. With CareTouch, you can remotely

  • Easyfone Royale

    do phone

  • Easyfone Royale

    address book

  • Easyfone Royale


  • Easyfone Royale


  • Easyfone Royale

    do phone

Set medicine &
other reminders

Set reminders for medicines, doctor appointments,social engagements & important tasks

& CareTouch lets you do this remotely on your parents phone from anywhere in the world

Easyfone Royale medicine

I had a good day

Now stop worrying...

Get re-assured daily that all is well with your parents even if you havn't had the chance to talk to them.

Use CareTouch & set promts to get wellness updates from your parents at pre-defined times everyday. All they have to do is press 1 button.

easiest menu

The Royale’s extremely simple menu can be made even simpler by hiding phone features that are unlikely to be used, Or you could even hide the entire menu & make it tamper proof.

And with CareTouch, menu options can be hidden remotely.


8 photo contacts so that favourite people can be called effortlessly & quickly- without using the phonebook.

block unwanted

Block unwanted callers or allow only chosen people (upto 20) to call.

And with CareTouch, this can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

Easyfone Royale menu
Easyfone Royale contact
Easyfone Royale block

easy to use –
over 20 senior friendly features

Robust construction, thoughful design, world class quality & over 20 features come together to make it really easy for our beloved elders like never before.

  • Easyfone Royale

    easy to

  • Easyfone Royale

    easy to

  • Easyfone Royale

    easy to

  • Easyfone Royale

    easy to

  • Easyfone Royale

    easy to

  • Easyfone Royale

    easy to

Easyfone Royale friendly

Super easy
to charge

Come with a cradle charger that make charging so simple, that a 4 year old can use it.

And this comes in addition to a normal charger

So that our beloved elders are always charged & connected – including in emergencies.

Save precious time
in an emergency

Royale comes with a dedicated SOS key & advanced features that can help save precious time in an emergency.

A single press of the SOS button automatically triggers a siren, sends sms & calls 5 emergency contacts to get help quickly when it is needed the most.

And with Caretouch, you con configure SOS setting for your parents remotely.

Easyfone Royale emergency

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