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PatchWall Experience

Navigate through the multiverse of incredible content from more than 23 content partners. PatchWall experience is a guiding light, helping you discover, manage,sort & experience content unlike any other experience, ever. Now, binge more, binge better.

MI TV PatchWall
MI TV Google Assistant

Google Assistant

A different way of interacting with the TV that helps you search content, control your smarthome devices and also learn while you take a break.

MI TV Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Get what's on your phone to the TV with a touch. You can cast photos, videos and much more from your smartphone onto the Horizon Edition TV without any interruption, Instantly. This makes the overall interaction with the TV seamless and engaging.

MI TV Data Saver

Google Data Saver

Stream movies on your TV instead of your phone with the Data Saver mode. This key feature on the Mi TV Horizon Edition allows you to watch 3 times more video content without worrying about mobile data.

MI TV 5000+Apps

5000+ Apps

There is something for everyone with a huge collection of apps to choose from. Explore through different apps and try something new each time, making use of Google Play.

Bezel-less Design

Uncover the elegance of the Horizon display and loftiness of its entertainment with an innovative approach to design. Pulled back bezels from each side offer more room for entertainment making it a piece of art one can't ignore, like a painting, an original. You get an impressive 95% STB ratio with the Horizon Edition.

MI TV Bezel less Design
MI TV Horizon Display

Immersive Horizon Display

A dynamic piece of design that takes you across the horizon with each scene. The horizon display dominates the surroundings and uplifts the atmosphere with impeccable detail and wider viewing angle.

MI TV Horizon Display

Vivid Picture Engine

Tuned to perfection, adding to the immersiveness of the screen. A set of software and hardware tweaks mastered over years. Deceptively simple yet elegant visuals. Appeals to the senses.

MI TV Vivid Picture
MI TV Universal Search

Universal Search across Streaming Platforms

Imagine a bookkeeper for all your content, this is exactly that. Now you don't need to remember which content piece is on which platform.

MI TV Live News

Free Live News Channels

Quick access to news on TV is challenge. We solve it with PatchWall in an innovative way.

MI TV Kids Mode

Kids Mode with Parental Lock

Monitoring content for others is no child's play. Making it easier for all adults with a neat feature addition.

MI TV What to watch

Simplifying What to watch

What you seek is seeking you. We help you find content that you fall in love with, with our curated recommendations.

MI TV One Click Play

One Click Play

We are sure you already know everything about that sports match that you have been waiting for, adding an option to skip description.

MI TV Processor

Superior Processor and Graphics

Whether you choose to watch one thing or put your TV through multiple tasks. We ensure that it manages it well in all cases, seamlessly. Ensuring fluid entertainment each time.

MI TV Ports

An Array of Ports

Multiple connectivity options to add an array of devices.

MI TV Quick Wake

Mi Quick Wake

Never be guilty of taking breaks between seasons and episodes as now with Mi Quick Wake you can resume your shows in under 5 secs.

MI TV Sound

Serene Sound

Experience the whole range of emotions through sound. No matter what the scene. You hear what the creator intends to say. Powerful room-filling sound for the complete entertainment experience.

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