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vivo v20 pro vivo v20 pro mobile-view

6 good reasons for vivo V20 Pro

  • 44MP Eye Autofocus

  • Dual-View Video

  • 64MP Night Camera

  • 7.39mm Ultra Sleek Design

  • 33W FlashCharge

  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G

44MP Eye Autofocus Dual Front Camera

The Clarity and Focus You Want

Enjoy beautiful portraits that are rich with color and depth. The Ultra HD main front camera captures detail so intricate, it can withstand even extreme zooming. The 8MP Super Wide-Angle camera expands the effect; capturing greater detail in wider shots.

vivo v20 pro camera

The main front camera with AF can focus sharply from 15cm, and zoom out to infinity*. Whether you're shooting up close, with the help of a selfie stick, or from even greater distances, unrivalled focus and clarity await.

*An infinite focus distance is the theoretical hardware value of the front camera module.

vivo v20 pro front camera

The eyes are the window to the soul. Now, Eye Autofocus can track your eyes no matter where they go, or what emotion they carry. Even when you are on the move, it can follow; shifting smoothly between near and far vantages so you don't need to stare at the camera to capture the greatest moments. Enjoy each minute while the camera does the rest.

vivo v20 pro auto eye focus

Wider is Greater

105° Super Wide-Angle Front Camera

The 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera offers 105 degrees* of perspective, and pairs with a distortion-correction algorithm to create incredibly wide photos which still look very natural. Surround yourself with more friends and more wonderful things, in one still frame. Or, enjoy wide-view videos enhanced by powerful stabilization.

vivo v20 pro wider lens

Shine at Night with Softlight

Super Night Selfie

Help your beauty defy the darkness with our powerful AI low-light portrait algorithm which improves your overall face brightness. When extreme darkness is detected, it turns on AI Extreme Night Mode automatically. Through AI light enhancement and noise cancellation, it powers your night selfie performance. Even when your facial details are not clear due to poor lighting, it can step in to restore them naturally and perfectly. Selfie Softlight Band provides perfect color temperature and more natural

vivo v20 pro night selfie

Selfie Softlight Band provides perfect color temperature and more natural skin tones by automatically adjusting to ambient light. It's like a studio light right in your pocket.

vivo v20 pro selfie

4K Selfie Video

Create striking personalized videos with amazing 4K resolution and Face Beauty. Stand out with vivid, high definition detail. For still more dazzling effects, try the powerful editing tool kit.

vivo v20 pro 4k selfie camera

A New Level of Portrait Stability

Steadiface Selfie Video

Make videos that reflect your active lifestyle and shake off the accompanying motion blur with Steadiface Selfie Video - the frame and your face will be always steady and clear.

vivo v20 pro portrait video vivo v20 pro dual view video

Never Miss A Moment

Slo-Mo Selfie Video

Now, you can control the flow of time with your fingertips. Switch between fast and slow motion, while enjoying the smoothness of 240FPS. Try playing an air guitar solo and see how cool you look in slow motion.

vivo v20 pro slo mo selfie video

More Styles for Your Style

Multi-Style Portrait

Enjoy amazing makeovers with Multi-Style Portrait – newly updated to polish five aspects of your look: skin tone, texture, contour, makeup and facial features. Your portraits will have depth, your skin will look smooth and firm, and your makeup will look flawless. Each style comes with a range of

One Image Two Stories

Double Exposure

Create artistic fusion by blending foregrounds and backgrounds, with previews in real time. Even pro artists will envy your surreal masterful portraits.

vivo v20 pro double exposure

Authentic Colors, AMOLED Display

The 6.44-inch AMOLED FHD+* brings vibrant and authentic colors to life.

  • 6.44-inch

    Screen size

  • 408ppi


  • 3000000:1


  • 20:9

    Screen-to-body ratio

The Craft of Simplicity

Ultra Sleek & Slim

Delightfully light and surprisingly slim – this new showpiece is design epitome at its very best. 2.5D, 7.39mm and 170g translate to an unforgettable lightweight hold*.



vivo v20 pro slim
vivo v20 pro matte finish

Feel The Smothness

Matte Glass

AG Matte Glass adds a subtle luxury to the aesthetic and also provides a comfortable hold. Chemical etching further refines the surface, giving it warmth and making it resistant to scratches. Finally, AF coating protects the phone from fingerprint smears.

Color Symphonies Inspired by Nature

Mysterious Colors

It intertwines light with shadow, black and white with unique hues to create color symphonies which celebrate the beauty of nature.

vivo v20 pro mysterious colors

Midnight Jazz

Mysterious and full of energy, this signature color provides composure and confidence to help you stand strong amidst chaos.

vivo v20 pro mysterious colors

Moonlight Sonata

This color is as pristine as full moonlight cascading on a serene ocean. Let it guide you to the innermost sanctuary of your heart.

vivo v20 pro sonata

A World of Intricate Detail

Extraordinary Rear Photography

The main rear camera - with a staggering 64MP - reveals vibrant details that remain clear even after vigorous zooming. The supporting rear cameras create wide perspectives, super macro, bokeh and black & white film effects.

vivo v20 pro rear camera

Super Wide-Angle & Macro Cameras

120°* Wide Field of View, Never Step Back.
*Super wide-angle camera is able to capture 108-degree photos after accounting for distortion.

vivo v20 pro macro cameras

Capture A Vivid Miniature World From 2.5cm Close.

vivo v20 pro vivid miniature

Reimagine the Night

Super Night Mode

Reinvent your night photography. Super Night Mode adds broader perspectives, while specialized filters conjure hidden shades from the darkness.

vivo v20 pro matte finish

Our new Tripod Night Mode increases stability and exposure to make the night look flawless.

vivo v20 pro tripod night mode

I Hear You

3D Sound Tracking*

This cool piece of innovative tech cuts through ambient noise to highlight your subject's sound. Better still, it partners with Smart Zoom for improved video and audio focus. Now, when there's too much going on in the frame - you can easily make your special subjects stand out.

vivo v20 pro 3d sound tracking

Dual Mode 5G Network

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G

The 7nm octa-core Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G supports both SA and NSA* 5G networks. Advanced optimizations help you enjoy low latency connections in a range of tricky situations - including elevators and high-speed trains. A 5G* thrill ride awaits.

vivo v20 pro qualcomm

Boost for Power

4,000mAh Battery,33W FlashCharge* vivo Energy Guardian

Triple boost your mobile life with a powerhouse 4,000mAh (TYP) battery, 33W FlashCharge* and vivo Energy Guardian (VEG) - a smart power manager. Juice up to 65% in just 30 minutes*, and travel with ease while leaving your battery worries behind.

  • 33W


  • 4000mAh


vivo v20 pro battery

Run Fast, Stay Cool

Vapor Chamber Liquid Cooling

By using vapor-liquid heat transfer, D5 liquid cooling pipes can quickly dissipate heat from the processor*, even when it's running at full power.


Liquid cooling pipes

vivo v20 pro liquid cooling

More Updates, More Acceleration


Multi-Turbo has been updated with an optimized ART++ Turbo, and a host of other exciting features. The accompanying performance leap will take your breath away.

*All data is from vivo lab test results and based on comparison to performance without Multi-Turbo. *Data above is parameters of optimal performance enhancement.

vivo v20 pro multi turbo

Savor the Thrill

Ultra Game Mode

Harness all the potential of the hardware with the newly updated Ultra Game Mode, and go all out in every field of virtual warfare.

vivo v20 pro ultra game mode

Hi-Res Audio

Hi-Res Audio certification makes everything you listen to a delightful audio feast.

Hi Res Audio Icon
vivo v20 pro hi res audio

Beyond Exploration

Funtouch OS 11

Funtouch OS 11 (based on Android 10) features a minimalist aesthetic for smoother user interaction.

vivo v20 pro fun touch os vivo v20 pro icon

Dynamic Sky

Your image, your rule. Change the sky as you like, from rain to bright sunshine and back. Or make it move along your lines, adding animated backgrounds to still images.

*Album > Edit > AI Image Matting > Dynamic Sky

vivo v20 pro dynamic sky

Memory Recaller - HD Restoration

Travel back in time and bring moments long passed fully back to life. Memory Recaller can restore clarity in fuzzy old images instantly, and its smart coloring tool can further revitalize and enhance color.

*Album > Edit > Repair > HD Restoration

vivo v20 pro memory recaller

Smart Life Made Easier

Jovi Home

Sliding right on the home page takes you to Jovi Home - a fully integrated hub with a card-style design that is easy to use.

vivo v20 pro jovi home

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